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Find peace in the wilderness

Gubbhögen's nature campsite

Fästpunkt 1
Stekenjokk vildmarksvägen

Wilderness road

The Wilderness road stretches from Strömsund, via Gubbhögen, over the spectacular mountain plateau Stekenjokk and further into southern Lapland. Along the way there are beautiful nature, fantastic waterfalls, Sami culture, crafts and fine hiking trails.

Skansen Alanäs karta

The fort in Alanäs

On April 9, 1940, Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany. This led to a major mobilization on the Swedish side, which meant that a number of fortifications were built up gradually. Such a fortification, or "skans", can be visited at the neighboring village Alanäset. It is beautifully situated and a cultural trail runs through the area.

Nyfångad fisk

Many fishing waters

In Flåsjön's fishery conservation area there are over 30 lakes and rivers to fish in. There is plenty of whitefish and lake, but also trout and grayling. Flåsjön's FVOF offers free fishing for young fishermen up to the age of 14. Fishing licenses can be purchased by in the village or digitally at

Hedenvindkojan Gubbhögen

The Hedenvind cabin

Gustav Hedenvind-Eriksson was born in Gubbhögen and was a great pioneer for the Swedish working-class writers in the early 20th century. Among other things, he wrote about the hard work and work of forest workers and rallies. In the summer of 1998, the Hedenvind cabin was inaugurated in his memory in Gubbhögen. It is a typical forest worker hut that is open to the public.


Enjoy the snow

Discover miles of skidded snowmobile trails without crowding. They go through forests and mountains, with nice ice fishing lakes and windbreaks along the road. Övre Flåsjöbygden's snowmobile club includes the villages Gubbhögen, Siljeåsen, Lillviken and Övre Lillviken.

Meeting point

Community centre

Gubbhögen's community centre, or "bygdegård", is the gathering point for the village, here the villagers arrange pleasant events such as a market, summer café, flea market, midsummer celebrations and Christmas dinner. Take a look at upcoming events in the calendar!

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