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Welcome to Gubbhögen's nature campingsite!

Gubbhögen's nature campsite is beautifully situated by Lake Flåsjön surrounded by forest. There are plenty of parking spaces for motorhomes and caravans as well as space for camping with tents. The campsite is run non-profit by the villagers who take care of both the maintenance and act as camping hosts during the season.

Take a look at the gallery for more photos from the campsite.

We hope you enjoy it!

Gubbhögen's interest association



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Parking space

Plenty of parking spaces for motorhomes and caravans, choose freely and show consideration for other guests.

White Cloud Badge

Drinking water

Cold drinking water from natural source, conveniently drained from tap.

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There are lawns that are suitable for camping with tents.

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There are two dry toilets available.

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Kitchen with stove

Simple kitchen with wood fired stove where you can cook and heat water, basic utensils are available.


Waste management

There are containers for sorting paper packaging, stained glass, cans and combustibles.

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In the campsite's barbecue hut you can cook over an open fire, you can find firewood in the woodshed.


Bathing place with jetty

Small pebble beach and jetty with bathing ladder for the morning dip! It is also possible to put in a boat.

Please keep in mind!

  • It is not possible to empty toilets at the campsite, there are emptying places nearby in, for example, Strömsund, Järvsand and Norråker.

  • Dogs are welcome, but always keep them on a leash and walk them outside the campsite for everyone's comfort.

  • Do not throw away or leave food leftovers as it may attract wildlife.

  • Garbage sorting applies in the municipality, packaging of colored glass, plastic, metal and newspapers must therefore be left at the recycling station in the village, see map .

  • The fire wood is only intended for use on the campsite.

Cottages and B & B

Camping cabins 

At the nature campsite there are two small 2-bed cabins for rent. The cottages are simply furnished with a bunk bed and a small stove that spreads comfortable heat.


No booking is required, whoever comes first may take possession of the cottage. The rent is paid with Swish or cash to the camping host in the evening. For arrivals after 21:30, you can call the camping host of the week to get the key. The cottage is available until 12:00 the next day. Remember to leave the cottage in the same condition as when you arrived and leave the key in the lock.


Price 100 SEK / night


Cabin by Lomtjärn

About 4 km southeast of Gubbhögen is a cabin by lake Lomtjärn, perfect for you who want to camp and fish in peace and quiet! It has three beds and a small stove to fire in.

Contact the camping host of the week to book the cabin.

Price 100 SEK / night


Old School Bed & Breakfast

The village's former school (Gamla skolan) has been converted into a Bed & Breakfast where you can rent rooms with two or three beds.

See prices and book on the Old School Bed & Breakfast website

Contribution to the maintenance of the campsite


Do you appreciate Gubbhögen's nature campingsite? Feel free to pay a voluntary contribution with Swish. It is also possible to leave cash in the boxes at the campsite or to the camping host. We accept SEK, EURO and NOK. Your contribution will be used for maintenance and further development of our campsite.

Thanks for your support!

123 395 72 30

Camping host

During the summer season, Gubbhögen's villagers are hosts at the campingsite. The host of the week visits the campsite in the evening every day (approx. 21:00-21:30) to manage the campsite and collect rent / voluntary contributions.

We are here for you if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us!

Names and telephone numbers to the camping host of the week can be found on the campsite notice board.

From the guestbook

Wilderness frukost

Thank you for a wonderful stay, quiet and peaceful. Very orderly, lacked nothing. We will be happy to return.


Terrific place that we have visited many times in the last 30 years.

man Fiske

Thank you for the beautiful place, where you can feel the freedom we once hoped for. :)

Frukost på Camping

Thank you for a wonderful place with everything a camping family needs!

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